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The Smuggler
It was the latter end of the month of November, when Mary Waldron, having carefully put her tw...

Fairy Faces
ANON Out of the mists of childhood, Steeped in a golden glory, ...

On Santa Claus
GEORGE A. BAKER, JR. Brave old times those were. In the first half of the seventeenth century...

Love Is The Whole
A STORY FOR CHILDREN. This is a story about some children who were living together in a Wes...

Little Roger's Night In The Church
SUSAN COOLIDGE The boys and girls had fastened the last sprig of holly upon the walls, and th...

The End Of The Play
WILLIAM MAKEPEACE THACKERAY The play is done--the curtain drops, Slow-falling t...

The Christmas Holly
ELIZA COOK The holly! the holly! oh, twine it with bay-- Come give the holly a ...

Christmas Story

Welcome to the home of Christmas Writings and Christmas Stories. Find hundreds of christmas stories, christmas carols, articles and exercises celebriting the origin and spirit of christmas.

Christmas Stories

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The Spirit Of Christmas
Christmas Bells
The Three Kings
A Christmas Carol
The Fir Tree
Little Roger's Night In The Church

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A Christmas Carol
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Christmas Bells
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The Smuggler
Good-nature Or Parish Matters
A Christmas Matinee

Christmas History

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Paddington Charity (bread And Cheese Lands)
Historic Christ-tides In 790 878 And 1065
The Bellman--descriptions Of Him
New Year's Eve--wassail
Historic Christ-tides--edward Vi 1551
The Lord Of Misrule
A Christmas Jest--ben Jonson's Masque Of Christmas
The First Carol--anglo-norman Carol
Honey Fairs--card-playing At Christmas
Attempts Of Puritans To Put Down Christ-tide

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Attempts Of Puritans To Put Down Christ-tide
The Popular Love Of Christmas
Commencement Of Christ-tide
Christ-tide Carols
Christmas Eve--herrick Thereon
Christmas Eve In North Notts
Decorating With Evergreens
Legends Of The Nativity
The Glastonbury Thorn Its Legend
Withholding Light