The Newest Thing In Christmas Carols



God rest you, merry gentlemen!

May nothing you dismay;

Not even the dyspeptic plats

Through which you'll eat your way;

Nor yet the heavy Christmas bills

The season bids you pay;

No, nor the ever tiresome need

Of being to order gay;

Nor yet the shocking cold you'll catch

If fog and slush hold sway;

Nor yet the tumbles you must bear

If frost should win the day;

Nor sleepless nights--they're sure to come--

When waits attune their lay;

Nor pantomimes, whose dreariness

Might turn macassar gray;

Nor boisterous children, home in heaps,

And ravenous of play;

Nor yet--in fact, the host of ills

Which Christmases array.

God rest you, merry gentlemen,

May none of these dismay!