The Waits



At the break of Christmas Day,

Through the frosty starlight ringing,

Faint and sweet and far away,

Comes the sound of children, singing,

Chanting, singing,

_Cease to mourn,

For Christ is born,

Peace and joy to all men bringing!_

Careless that the chill winds blow,

Growing stronger, sweeter, clearer,

Noiseless footfalls in the snow

Bring the happy voices nearer;

Hear them singing,

_Winter's drear,

But Christ is here,

Mirth and gladness with Him bringing!_

Merry Christmas! hear them say,

As the East is growing lighter;

May the joy of Christmas Day

Make your whole year gladder, brighter!

Join their singing,

_To each home

Our Christ has come,

All Love's treasures with Him bringing!_